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Four Course Italian Treat   1 comment

After a late night Friday party last month, I was feeling quite pepped up to treat some of my friends to a sumptuous 4 course wholly Italian meal (more so as it had been a long time since I had prepared some original Italian creations). So next day, Saturday morning, I sat down thinking about what to make which would appear beautiful and come out as delectable combinations.

I was sure to include the ‘Crispy Tomato Bruschetta’ which I had developed over the traditional recipes some time ago as a soul satisfying comfort food! I was not in a mood to completely experiment the main course and decided to prepare my best ‘Penne with Tomato Basil Sauce’ which I tweaked in midcourse with some fancy additions 🙂

An Italian drink to pair with Pasta can be no better than chilled Sangria and that was my first choice which I developed into ‘Mango & Grape Juice Sangria’ made with the full bodied fruity Cabernet Shiraz Wine. Dessert was a conundrum as I had no means to bake and thus I settled on an experimented piece ‘Almond Biscotti & Hot Coffee Ice Cream’ (I had read somewhere that Almond Biscotti taste great with Vanilla) which came out quite nice!

Thus we spent a lazy afternoon in an air conditioned room enjoying Italian Cuisine, reminiscing IIM-A days and jibing over times to come which made the day memorable 🙂


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Three Course Continental Treat for Microsoft Colleagues   3 comments

A treat to my office colleagues was pending for a long time, so last month I finally got myself to prepare some elaborate 3 course meal on a lovely Sunday afternoon for Lunch and invited them over. One of the much asked item was the appetizer preparation ‘Cheesy Funghi-e-Pomodoro’ which I had invented and was published in BBC Good Food India Magazine (May’2012).

Spending time in the morning on choosing the main course to accompany the Italian appetizer was a fun exercise. I did not want to make it a wholly Italian fare and decided to pair up with another continental item ‘Hungarian Veg Goulash’, which I had experimented with some time before, and served with crusty garlic breads.

I finished the menu with ‘Sprited Mango & Strawberry Iced Tea’, an interesting drink to begin the conversation, which I had been making for me as a fruity ice tea at times when I feel particularly peppy. Overall it was a fun afternoon with jokes and jibes and some delicious food after which I was introduced to an awesome TV Series (Coupling) which I got addicted to 🙂

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