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Many times when we go for some gourmet eating experiences, we notice the dishes named so exotically different and complicatedly delightful at times. Whether you are making or eating Cranberry Cheese Souffle or Gnocchi (pronounced nyo-KEE) Arrabiata, the name of the dish usually gives a flight to your imagination and adds to the incredible experience. It is all the more pronounced when you have some idea about the cuisine and the dish’s name strikes some chord, bringing back fond memories, you have a feeling of pride that you know what is the thing you just ate! It therefore seems for a rich gourmet experience, restaurants who specialize in such cuisines, might be paying deliberate care and choosing names of their dishes carefully and intelligently.

I have experienced this many times when am making some dish and adding special touches to personalize it. If the dish comes good in the end, the desire to name it creatively is a part of the cooking experience. It adds to the total package what you create! Well, if unfortunately something do comes out as crap, no point wasting a good name on it 😛

This, however, has been a usual part of many of the poor experiences in various restaurants. You go to a slick looking place seemingly serving you exotic gourmet food, you see their menu, craftily designed, you order something new from your favorite cuisine and wait for it, knowing in spirit that you know what you will get! You get served something very different for some strange reason….and there goes your experience!

Case in Point: I wen’t to a restaurant last week, which gave a good feel around it and it seemed the place will have some good Italian stuff.  It was serving buffet and I was gliding through the names. I found one very tempting…Linguini Alfredo (yeah same as that of the boy in Ratatouille!). Strangely when I saw the dish, it was in no way either Linguini or at all Alfredo!!

Linguini Alfredo 

Linguini Alfredo

Fettuccine in Rosé Sauce

Fettuccine in Rosé Sauce

It was in very plain view a classic Fettuccine in Rosé Sauce!! How could anybody confuse between the two so very different dishes! It might have been a very tasty dish, but that naming glitch just provided a very bad first impression. If you just don’t know what you are making, its pretty evident you are just shooting arrows in blind alley.

Incidently I went to a high end Italian restaurant F-Lounge last week and there we find a dish named “Crest de Gallo”, its like naming your dish something like “Spaghetti” or “Penne” without using any of those!! Well, Crest de gallo is a type of pasta and anyone would assume if your dish is named that, it would contain at least few pieces of that 🙂


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